Financial Review

IMA World Health’s condensed financial report and the statement of activities for the years ending June 30, 2013 and 2014 are presented in this section.

A copy of IMA World Health’s financial statements is available upon request or may be viewed at Additional information about IMA World Health can be found in the Form 990 which is available in our offices or may be viewed on the website.

Breakdown of Revenue and Expenses in Fiscal Year 2014

Statement of Financial Position

U.S. Government Grants14,801,66312,857,08312,738,795
Non U.S. Government Grants62,544,67127,346,8424,559,792
General Contributions3,320,4541,079,0142,427,198
Donated Inventory (Gifts-in-Kind)*47,656,0217,583,437100,288,577
Other Income89,951174,184129,145
Total Revenue120,412,76049,058,560120,143,507

Program Services123,672,37645,666,892126,416,818
General Administration5,364,9023,666,4572,347,219
Promotional and Interpretational165,827130,367183,997
Total Expenses129,203,10549,463,716128,948,034
Net Change in Assets*(790,345)(405,156)(8,804,527)
General Operating Surplus/(Deficit)(114,136)208,738101,475