New Country: Indonesia

IMA proudly launched our first project in Indonesia in 2014, which led to opening our first-ever field office in Asia. We are excited for how this new project and major milestone will enable us to improve health, healing, and well-being for more people, in new areas, and in new ways.

Indonesia National Nutrition Communications Campaign (NNCC)

Funding: $4.1M • Millennium Challenge Corporation in Indonesia • 2014-2017
Key partners: University of Indonesia Center for Nutrition and Health Studies, Mobile Accord Inc., Scale Up Nutrition (SUN) Working Group and Indonesia Ministry of Health

More than 35% of Indonesian children are considered to be stunted. Stunting affects cognitive capabilities and results in reduced income potential, risk of low birth weight for infants, and a shorter life span; yet stunting is not well understood among the population, and there is no word for it in the local language. The National Nutrition Communications Campaign works with the larger Community-Based Health and Nutrition to Reduce Stunting Project and the Government of Indonesia to address the problem of childhood stunting in 11 provinces using a combination of national mass media and local media to raise awareness and understanding, gain commitment from a broad array of stakeholders, and foster behavior change related to health and nutrition.

Key Achievements

  • Formative research, designed to identify key contributors to malnutrition and the most effective behavior change and communications approaches, is underway. Findings will be finalized in March 2015 and will inform design of the project’s two year behavior change and communications campaign.